Chicago Wrap Certified

Benefits of becoming a Certified Installer

CW Certifications

Chicago Wrap provides both Chicago Wrap Certified Installers and Chicago Wrap Brand Member Locations with all of the tools needed to succeed. Once certified, you will be apart of the Chicago Wrap Network and have availability to clients both local and nationally. 

CW Certified Installer

Once becoming a Certified Installer, we help you grow out your personal brand.  We will put you in our network of installers, and we will help clients find you. 

CW Brand Member Location

Being a Chicago Wrap Brand Member location puts your company one step above your competition. It let’s prospective clients know that your business has superior installation skills and knowledge, you are aways using the highest quality equipment, and not only does your business, we Chicago Wrap, stands behind your work. 

Become a Certified Installer Now.

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